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Find the right heating & cooling solution for your home.

Could you save on your energy costs by upgrading?
Use this calculator to compare your estimated heating and
cooling costs using different energy sources and equipment.

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Estimated Energy Costs

Here’s how the equipment you selected compares to your current estimated energy usage and costs. Choose an equipment option to see more detailed information.

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Knowing where your home is located will help us determine the heating and
cooling costs in your area.


Tip: We'll use this to get a rough idea of how much space you have to heat and
cool, so only include finished living areas.


Construction trends change over the years. We can tell a lot about how your home
retains and absorbs heat just by knowing when it was built.


My home has about as many windows as…

Energy Fact: Windows allow more energy to escape than walls, so the amount of windows you have can make a big impact on the overall efficiency of your home.


Energy Fact: The more people in a home, the more fluctuation there is in energy consumption.



Tip: If your basement or attic is a finished living area that you
heat or cool, include it in your tally. Otherwise, leave it out.

Heating Equipment

I currently heat my home with

As the name implies, radiant heat radiates from direct heating units — usually in the ceiling or baseboard.

Forced air uses a furnace to heat air, then pushes that air through multiple air vents into each room.

Heat pumps pull heat out of the air or ground to warm a home, or out of the home itself to cool it.

Select Your Efficiency

If you don't know your current equipment's efficiency, choose "Standard."

Cooling Equipment

SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

I want to compare my Furnace to…

Current equipment1-year total$0
Your CurrentEquipmentStandard Electric
Comparison equipment1-year total$0
517 therms
Natural Gas Furnace
Comparison equipment1-year total$0
517 therms
Natural Gas Furnace
1-Year Total Cost
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You chose a Natural Gas Furnace & AC.

1-year total$564
517 therms
Natural Gas Furnace
Can you get gas?

Our gas availability tool will determine if gas is available to your home in three easy steps. Find out »

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Save big when you upgrade to new high-efficiency natural gas equipment.
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Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas brings comfort and convenience into your home while reducing your environmental footprint. Details »